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Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison

Award-winning multidisciplinary artist, Kobè Aquaa-Harrison, the man who coined "jungle booty" and created "funky African hip-hop jazz”. Kobè formed the revolutionary Djungle Bouti Orchestra in 1989 with Tony Carvalho, Maurice Shadrack, Kwanza Msingwana, Suliman Hasabala and KJAS, supporting the play, "Golden Tale of Jungle Bouti"(on Kobè’s legendary CKLN 88.1 “Sounds of Africa” show). JBO consistently wows audiences at major festivals, corporate and special events, with theatrical energy, flavour and intense musicianship, even subbing-in for Akon's dad, Mor Thiam. The orchestra's journey led Kobè to becoming President/Artistic Director of Music Africa/AfroFest, create Michèzo! festival, co-found Mamaya Toronto Festival, Worlds of Music school and to work major productions.

Website: myspace.com/kobe.aah

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