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Artisan Bass Works

The most comfortable bass you will ever play...

ABW manufactures efficiently designed ergonomic bass guitars utilizing ANSIR Technology™. This patented angled neck design puts the neck of the instrument in the perfect playing position with no effort on the part of the player providing maximum playability and faster fretting while relieving stress on muscles, joints, and connective tissue. Artisan basses offer unrivaled comfort and playability in conjunction with refined modern bass tone and high quality craftsmanship at a price a working musician can afford.

ABW has teamed up with KSM Guitars and features the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge on all ABW bass models.

One hundred percent of all basses and guitars are designed on the horizontal plane, but played on the angular plane. This requires the player to lift and hold the neck in a proper playing position. This constant effort results in unnecessary strain and stress and often results in “Repetitive Stress Injuries”.
All Artisan basses utilize a patented ANSIR Technology™ angled neck design which places the fretboard in a perfect playing position with no effort by the player, either seated or standing.

This anatomically correct design:
• Reduces stress on the wrist, elbow, neck, and back
• Allows faster fretting
• Mitigates/prevents injuries
• Makes a difficult task easier

Less pressure on the fretting hand, equals less effort in playing. Medical science proves, even slight pressure over the course of time has damaging effects on the human body.

Website: www.artisanbassworks.com

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