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Joseph Breckenridge Jr. - With Our Arms To The Sun Joseph Breckenridge Jr. - With Our Arms To The Sun

Joseph Breckenridge Jr.


With Our Arms To The Sun

REVIEW: "I recently made a huge upgrade to my Schecter Diamond-J Plus bass. I partnered up with KSM music and added their amazing KSM Foundation Bass bridge. The Diamond-J bass from Schecter was already a beast of an instrument but with this bridge it has been taken to a whole new level. The added resonance and under tones this bridge has brought out of my bass are just awesome. It has also added a level of sustain i have not experienced before. It has a high mass bridge feel without adding a lot of weight to your bass. I recommend the KSM Foundation bridge to anyone who wants to take their bass of any price range to a new level of performance."

With Our Arms to the Sun is a rock band formed in the desert of Arizona. Their live shows are unique and emotional, bringing back the energy of the bands of the past. Musically painting in hues of rock, alternative, and metal, their cinematic sound blankets a curious canvas of the Arizona Desert, weaving together a sonic journey to self-actualization for the quartet. Joseph Breckenridge Jr. adds his rhythms and melodies to the mix with his Schecter Diamond-J Plus 4 string bass. That amazing instrument is now even better with the addition of the KSM Foundation Bridge system. All music can benefit from the extra sustain, clarity, and vibrations in the bass tone that only a bridge of this quality can provide.

Website: www.withourarmstothesun.com

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