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Guitar Manufacturers using the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge

Artisan Bass Works

The most comfortable bass you will ever play...
ABW manufactures efficiently designed ergonomic bass guitars utilizing ANSIR Technology™. This patented angled neck design puts the neck of the instrument in the perfect playing position with no effort on the part of the player providing maximum playability and faster fretting while relieving stress on muscles, joints, and connective tissue. Artisan basses offer unrivaled comfort and playability in conjunction with refined modern bass tone and high quality craftsmanship at a price a working musician can afford.

ABW has teamed up with KSM Guitars and features the KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge on all ABW bass models.

Website: www.artisanbassworks.com

Ed Roman Guitars

Ed Roman opened a guitar store in Las Vegas after a successful career in the motorcycle industry. What he learned about that business and the customer base he found, he could easily apply to his guitar store. He soon expanded his store to a company which also manufactured instruments. Ed pioneered Internet guitar selling and was one of the first to offer complete custom guitar building.

Website: www.edroman.com

Neal Moser

Neal Moser is a California-based luthier. Neal designed the B.C. Rich "RICH BICH" which became popular and is still being built. Neal now builds custom guitars out of his shop.

Website: mosercustomshop.com

Leonardo Lospennato

Leonardo Lospennato is a German-based company building concept basses and guitars. Leonardo Lospennato uses KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridges on their bass guitars.

Website: lospennatoguitars.com

Kot Basses

Kot Basses, based out of Portland Oregon, strives to create custom basses that will compliment each individual’s vision of what that “vehicle” should be about. Kot Basses has worked hard to perfect what they feel are the essential aspects of a great instrument, the elements of sound, response, feel, and playability.

Website: kotbasses.com

Alex Watson

Alex Watson is a luthier originally from Inverness, Scotland who now lives and works in Southern California, USA. Alex has been building guitars for over 30 years and decided that it was time to change from a hobby to a commercial enterprise. As an engineer and a bass player, he has the right kind of background and knowledge to extend the boundaries of guitar building.

Website: www.watsonguitars.net

Paul Gransee

Currently offering two styles of basses, a travel bass and a neck-through solid body with more models in the planning stages. Using the KSM foundation bridge he finally achieved the sound that he had desired for so many years. Its ease of use, installation and quality makes this bridge his first and only choice. Feel free to contact Paul with any bass building desires.

Paul Gransee, Owner / Luthier, GBASS


266 Hunters Cove Drive

Mead, CO. 80542


Website: Facebook Gallery

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Tone Wave is an innovative new pedal designed to control precisely the volume level of an electric guitar signal when playing live. Tone Wave is fully programmable and and offers the musician a great deal of control over their sound when playing in live situations. To see the Tone Wave pedal.

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