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Neal Moser

Neal Moser is a California-based luthier. He began his career with guitars in 1964. He has worked on the instruments of many musicians including guitars belonging to Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Stills, David Crosby and many more. He came to the attention of Bernardo Rico in 1974. At this time he modified his present electronic design to accommodate B.C. Rich guitars. While working as an independent contractor with B.C. Rich Neal designed the B.C. Rich "RICH BICH" which became popular and is still being built. Shortly after leaving B.C. Rich he designed what is now known as the Virgin Guitar for Class Axe in New Jersey, who had acquired B.C. Rich by this time. After leaving B.C. Rich in 1985, Neal met Lee Garver and agreed to join forces with Lee. Lee Garver owns GMW Guitar Works. For over 10 years Neal, Lee and Dan created Moser Guitars which were shown at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles from 1986-1998. At that time Neal Moser retired. He came out of retirement to start the Moser Custom Shop, owned by his wife Earlleen Lloyd-Moser. They now build guitars designed by Neal Moser, Rodney McGlothlin, Dan Fastuca, Ken Patin (formerly of Yavcon Guitars) and a number of other individual designers.

Website: www.nealmoserguitars.com

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