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Paul Gransee

I have a wonderful bride and profession as a firefighter that both allow me to pursue luthierie and woodworking as a hobby and second profession. I've been building bass guitars for the last 3 years and have done extensive woodworking for the last 30 years. While playing bass in a band I realized the sound I was producing was not exactly what I wanted and thats when I decided to build my own bass. Raised and living in Colorado, I've have always asked myself "why buy it if I can build it better". That is what motivated me to begin building basses and to start my own business, GBASS. Currently I'm offering 2 styles of basses, a travel bass and a neck-through solid body with more models in the planning stages. Using the KSM foundation bridge I've finally achieved the sound that I have desired for so many years. Its ease of use, installation and quality makes this bridge my first and only choice. Feel free to contact me with any bass building desires.

Paul Gransee, Owner / Luthier, GBASS

266 Hunters Cove Drive
Mead, CO. 80542

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